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UMC celebrates National Health Center Week

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This week was officially deemed National Health Center Week in Eagle Pass and Maverick County at a special proclamation reading held Tuesday, August 9.

UMC CEO William Worrel thanked EPISD Board President Lupita Fuentes, Mr. Montalvo of the Fort Duncan Hospital District, Mayor Ramsey English Cantú, and Polo Vielma who was representing County Judge David Saucedo, for attending the event before giving a brief history on UMC.

“UMC was started over 43 years ago, and our existence and our mission when we began was to improve the quality of life through the provision of comprehensive health care in our community,” said Worrel. “Our dedicated staff and providers help to provide care to over 32,000 patients in three counties throughout our area. This is accomplished through not only our health education and outreach program, but through medical and dental visits with our 24 wonderful providers, and understanding the communities we serve and their needs.”

Worrel also reminded the audience that whether they were insured or not, they would always be welcomed at UMC. 

“We are here for everybody in the community, and we are here to serve you with all your health care needs, and all the needs you may see in the future,” said Worrel.

UMC Board Chairman Jose De Luna thanked the UMC employees who help serve the community, and encouraged citizens to be involved in health care services.

“The role of the board is to represent you guys.If you know a board member don’t be afraid to talk to us and say ‘how about this?’ Please come to us and we’ll take it to the board,” said De Luna. “We serve about 30,000 patients and have about 350 employees, so we do have an impact on our community.”

UMC Assistant CEO and Grant Administrator  Mario Pola said one of the most important services clinics provide is affordable healthcare, as well as an alternative to emergency rooms, which Pola said would be filled if residents did not have the option of going to health clinics like UMC. 

English Cantú was next to share his appreciation for the health clinic.

“As we come together and we celebrate this, I have to say that first off, to all of the staff, thank you so very much for what you do for our communities. The programs and the service you provide the citizens is so imperative that we must continue to have these types of centers and must continue to improve on the services we provide,” said English Cantú. “You all have been a great partner with the City of Eagle Pass and I am truly grateful that I have always had the opportunity to tap that shoulder of UMC any time something is needed, and you guys are always there.”

Vielma spoke of his personal experience working with the medical center. 

“I’ve brought my kids to get their immunizations. I can tell you that UMC has nothing but your care in mind. Whatever medical services you need, UMC is here to assist you,” said Vielma. “I’m very appreciative. We’ve had a long, collaborative effort between the county. Thank you for providing services to our citizens in Maverick County.”

After speeches from the officials who were very grateful for UMC’s involvement in the community, English Cantú and Vielma, by extension, proclaimed the week National Health Center Week.




UMC celebra semana del centro nacional de salud 



El CEO de UMC William Worrel estuvo como maestro de ceremonia ayer martes  en la clinica del Loop,   él resaltó la importancia que tienen las clínicas de salud en todo el  pais. En la ceremonia presentó a Lupita Fuentes como presidenta de la mesa directiva del distrito escolar,  señor Montalvo del Fort Duncan Hospital, al Sr. Polo Vielma en representación del Juez Saucedo y al Mayor Ramsey  English Cantú. 

El administrador hizo una pequeña historia de que la clínica UMC se estableció en está ciudad hace 43 años y como desde el principio  han trabajado para está comunidad  pra brindar salud a los residentes, también agradeció el apoyo que han recibido y que gracias a ellos el UMC se ha extendido a las comunidad de Braketville y de Del Rio , en estas 3 comunidades cuentan con 7 clínicas y donde el año pasado atendieron a proximadamente a 32,000 pacientes.

Entrevistamos al Sr. Mario Pola  quien resaltó la importancia de las clínicas, dijo que si no existieran estas clínicas los cuartos de emergencia de los hospitales estuvieran saturados, una visita al cuarto de emergencia significa gastar  mucho dinero y las clínicas se fundador con la idea de dar prevención a los pacientes.

  El dia de ayer en el UMC tanto el Mayor English Cantú como el Sr. Vielma dieron lectura a la Proclamación resaltando los servicios que se ofrecen en estas clínicas.

El administrador también agradeció a 58 organizaciones locales quienes estuvieron en el mismo lugar haciendo exámenes y dando literatura  en el ramo de la salud.