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Thousands Flock to EP/PN border for Labor Day weekend

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As thousands of people spent hours in line along Loop 480 to cross the international border in Eagle Pass over the Labor Day weekend, hundreds of visitors deemed non-essential travelers into Mexico were turned around and sent back to the U.S.
People from all across the country who traveled to cross into Mexico through Eagle Pass as part of the long Labor Day weekend ran into long wait times of up to 10 hours as they tried to reach their destination. “I'm traveling to Durango to go see my family and I've been stuck in line for close to 7 hours,” said one individual. “I hope I'm allowed to keep going because I have to go see my wife and kids to tend to their needs.
It's been about 3 months that I don't see them,” said one traveler coming from Dallas.
Although the traveler believes his trip is essential it's unknown if that was sufficed for Mexican Officials to allow him to travel on.
The long lines began to form since Friday afternoon and continued through Saturday into the early morning hours on Sunday.
Loop 480 was at most part at a standstill with hundreds of vehicles often packed with belongings being taken into Mexico.
Officials did take into consideration that travelers would be caught in long and slow lines as Mexican Officials were conducting health questionnaires and looking into if the travel was essential or not.
On Saturday morning the Piedras Negras Municipal Government issued out a press release in which it detailed that as of Friday they had already turned back at least 140 vehicles deemed as non-essential travelers.
Law enforcement authorities in Eagle Pass held special operations throughout the weekend in order to divert the heavy traffic towards Loop 480 in order to get them out of the city’s main fare ways.
Officials also were cognizant of what was to come, and set up portable restroom areas along Loop 480 for the travelers, knowing that they would be caught in long lines for hours. “I knew we were in for long wait times,” said another traveler. “And that we're to be questioned once we cross into Mexico. But I also know I must go and check up on my family and take care of many things before I return to go to work.”
Another traveler stated that he crosses on a daily basis to and from work and had been in line for 6 hours. “I got out from work and I'm trying to make it home. I don't know what I'm going to do because I have to be back at work in a few hours.”
Other travelers took the wait in stride and got together and called in for food delivery.
At least four families that were traveling back to back of each other placed orders with a pizza place. Employees showed up and delivered their orders, and they got back in their vehicles to have lunch and wait it out.
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