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Runner’s Knee Pain Usually Linked to Foot, Hip Problem

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If running is turning into a pain in the knees, it might actually be the hips that need your attention, according to an expert at Baylor College of Medicine. When runners have knee pain, it’s usually related to foot or hip problems, according to Dr. Joseph Chorley, associate professor of pediatrics – adolescent and sports medicine at BCM and Texas Children’s Hospital. If a runner is not in control at the foot, ankle or hip, the knee is what gets twisted, has to overwork and develops irritation.


Chorley makes the following suggestions:

 -Stretch properly before running

 -Don’t increase mileage by more than 10 to 15 percent per week -Walk when knee pain begins

 -Replace shoes every six to nine months or every 500 miles

-Know what your foot type is and be sure you have proper cushioning

-Consider cross-training and strengthening exercises to help strengthen the core, glutes or hamstrings

-Multi-vitamins are helpful for all runners and fish oil is good for long distance runners


However, there are some symptoms that may indicate a more severe problem that should be seen by a sports medicine physician:

-Fluid accumulating in the knee

-Painful popping or a mechanical sensation

-Someone who had a previous structural injury such as torn ACL or PCL that’s now experiencing pain

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